Thursday, 2 February 2012

Writing Letters

In keeping with habits of yonder, I have always enjoyed writing letters. I can't remember not owning some kind of writing set, and always have sealing wax in my desk drawer. Receiving a letter in the mail is one of the great simple pleasures in life. Thus, although I have missed the 1st February, I have decided to take on the challenge as set by Mary Robinette Kowal (I didn't know here either) on the following website and have managed it the last two days.
It's amazing to think that something so prominent and common ha become so rare and antiquated with the introduction of email, SMS, blogging and instant messaging platforms like Facebook. In keeping with the spirit of our ancestry, and to try something new, please join Mary's lead and send one letter / cutting / picture / note each day for the month of February (except for Sundays). It would be great to kickstart and reinvigorate this inspiring pastime.
Here's an article in The Guardian about it...

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