Thursday, 11 October 2012

LFF: Frankenweenie (Imax 3D)

Tim Burton's first-time collaboration with Disney is an absolute gem. Another stop-motion adventure, like The Nightmare Before Christmas (producer) or Corpse Bride (Co-Director), Frankenweenie finds a young science-obsessed boy, Victor Frankenstein (see where this is going!), who manages to resurrect his dog Sparky by harnessing lightning to bring him back to life. Before long, the local neighbourhood lads are heading over to the pet cemetery to resurrect their old chums, and all hell breaks loose. Shot in black and white and with an eerie Addams Family-esque style, Burton has paid homage to all sorts of classics - from his own back catalogue as well as creature features and 1950s horror movies. It's a pleasure to watch and the creativity is outstanding, paying meticulous detail to the creation of the small town in which its set - New Holland. Fun and quirky, this will be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. * * * * (4 stars)

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