Thursday, 13 January 2011

Rooney Mara is Lisbeth Salander

Checking out the the usual film websites this morning i was hugely pleased to see these new pics of a reinvented Lisbeth curteousy of W Magazine ( ). Despite the fact that I was somewhat dismayed by the idea of David Fincher's 2011 adaptation, these pictures do look very cool. Fincher is clearly working a somewhat sexier angle with Mara's rendition of Lisbeth, and to be completely frank, I think Rapace would kick her ass. Still, could've looked a lot worse, and at least they have stayed faithful to the main physical aspects of the character. Now, let's see that tattoo!


  1. Good to see Noomi Rapace get a Bafta nod. well deserved.

  2. Second that mate, it would be great if she took it too. Unlikely given the snobbery of BAFTA. Was shocked that Never Let Me Go hasn't been nominated for sh*t all - i heard it was supposed to be utterly brilliant, and it is perfect BAFTA material. The King's Speech is a wet dream for them.