Tuesday, 29 March 2011

The Tree of Life

Terence Malick, the blissfully cinematic director responsible for a plethora of film critic's orgasms, has just released the new and awesome poster for his latest masterpiece (safe to assume) The Tree of Life. Like all of Malick's films, the plot has been kept fairly under wraps, with a generic and elusive synopsis available along the lines of: Sean Penn plays Jack, a man who (according to the trailer) does a lot of brooding, pondering and reminiscing about his life growing up in fifties surburbia with his brothers and loving parents (Brad Pitt and Jessica Chastain) until he experiences loss of innocence. Despite how vague this may sound I am confident it will be brilliant, and Malick is yet to let us down so this has firmly planted itself as one of my must-see movies of the upcoming onslaught. Seeing as the film is muted to flourish in existentialism, with life, death, Earth, Space (and even dinosuars apparently) in between, we are sure to be graced with one of the most beautifully-shot films ever made (massive assumption).
Malick's filmography includes Badlands, Days of Heaven, The New World and The Thin Red Line, which are all astonishing accomplishments (although less so for The New World). Having seen a still from his untitled romance set to follow The Tree of Life, I can say it features Rachel McAdams and Ben Affleck as lovers amidst the beauful backdrop of Oklahoma's golden fields. The film also features Rachel Weisz, Javier Bardem, Amanda Peet, Barry Pepper, Olga Kurylenko, and becoming a Malick regular, Jessica Chastain. I have included the tantalising image below.

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