Wednesday, 17 October 2012

LFF: John Dies at the End

Don Coscarelli's latest mind-f**k is an adaptation of David Wong's sci-fi-comedy-horror John Dies at the End. Set in a non-descript midwestern town, the film sees an alien manifestation of evil try and invade Earth through a drug called Soy Sauce, which if taken, allows the user to drift through time and travel across dimensions. Oh, and also see all the crazy aliens, mutants and monsters which are slowly inhabiting our world.
Set in three acts, and with a narrative so mind-bending that you may as well resign to ignorance, John Dies at the End is a tale for the modern generation, and with a script as tight as a banjo string and jokes galore, you'll be hard pushed to find a more enjoyable sci-fi-comedy-horror out there (!!). The special effects are great - only half of it is CGI - and the two lead actors really nail the two colleage dropouts, particularly Chase Williamson as the lead, David Wong. Director Don Coscarelli himself introduced the film at the Hackney picturehouse last night, and he mentioned how he loved the British phrase 'batshit crazy' - never has a term be more apt than it is here.  * * * * (4)

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