Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Oldboy - A Spike Lee Joint

Check out these posters for Spike Lee's reimagining of Oldboy - a manga comic book made famous by Park Chan-Wook's fantastic rendition. Only the first poster has been used for official launch, (with the second as a teaser poster) and it's not as dark or bloody as the four they chose not to use (no doubt some ASA issues would apply to a couple) which were designed by Juan Luis Garcia. The bottom design even seems to show Brolin with a knife in his back - a result of the corridor fight scene in the original movie.
The official poster is apparently a 'still' from the film, and its image of a slick black-clad Brolin escaping the confines of a trunk in a field is certainly intriguing. Oh, and there's the girl with a yellow umbrella - Olsen no doubt - who looks like she's about to meet the dark stranger for the first time. 

There's a lot of scepticism and rolled eyes over the remake, but from the posters below, Spike Lee has my attention for one.


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  1. I do and don't like the poster they went with. The trunk poster looks more directed toward a foreign film market where as maybe the others could be directed toward an American crowd. Either way I am looking forward to the movie.