Wednesday, 15 October 2014


Director Denis Villeneuve became seriously hot material after the fantastic Incendies wowed critics and audiences alike. Prisoners was also a strong follow-up, but I get the impression that Enemy, more akin to his older films is more in tone with his repertoire. Jake Gyllenhaal plays a enigmatic professor who spots his doppelganger on a movie. Tracking down the individual (also played by him), who is far more confident and abrasive, a plan is contrived to allow for a girlfriend swap of sorts, however, things start to get very strange, as the characters (and subsequently, audience) begin to question every action and detail, as the lines between dream and reality begin to blur. It’s an audacious feature, and certainly a very original take on the lookalike saga (as also done recently in The Double), plus, it’s worth the watch just for the outrageous and shocking final shot. [4/5]

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