Thursday, 23 June 2011

Quick Fire Reviews

Green Lantern 3D
DC’s most recent contribution to the fast-growing comic book genre is a weak yet fun affair. Better than the critically-panned The Green Hornet, but inferior to Thor and X-Men: First Class, Green Lantern serves to be an FX vehicle for Ryan Rynolds, who as always exudes the everyman charm whilst kicking ass or wooing the girl. The gathering of green lantern warriors is quite a spectacle, and the 3D is excellent, although the medium is yet to surpass its pioneer, Avatar. The plot is frayed at the edges and there are some continuity issues, but overall it serves as a fun cinema outing. * * * (3 stars) 

Hangover II 
Much like its prequel, Hangover II has taken the exact formula (and I mean ‘exact’) and relocated the action to Bangkok – another city of debauchery and hedonism. Plot depth is hardly paramount, and many of the characters introduced are gone within the blink of an eye, but Phillips has done as promised and offered up the old gang in some hilarious situations. The biggest laughs once again come from Zach Galifianakis’ perfectly mistimed Alan , as well as Ken Jeong reprising his role as insane Mr. Chow. More gross-outs and more crass gags, Part II does exactly what it says on the tin. * * * * (4 stars) 

This Jason Statham vehicle sees the hard-as-nails Brit trying to stop a cop killer (Aiden Gillen – yeah, he from The Wire) amidst the seedy London underworld. Statham is joined by Brit heavyweight, Paddy Considine, who does well playing a gay copper (albeit with little character depth). Full of cocky one-liners ubiquitous with the Stath, as well as some bone-snapping fight scenes, Blitz is still a far cry from the fun and antics of The Transporter or Crank series. Darker, edgier and more affecting, Blitz is a nice little British crime thriller. * * * (3 stars)

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