Friday, 11 May 2012

Django Unchained

For those who noticed my lack of mention of Tarantino's newest offering - his Western tribute Django Unchained - in my last post, this is because the film is now set for an 18th January 2013 release over here in Old Blighty. Having read the script, I can say that this is Tarantino at his best, paying homage to countless Western, Blaxploitation, and Historical movies, and showcasing some fantastic dialogue and brutal violence atypical of the director.
To whet the appetites and have something cool to goggle at, here are a few official pictures from the good folks over at  Django's marketing and PR office. Looks like DiCaprio's Calvin Candie will be dishing out some harsh hammer punishment, and our two heroes - Django and Schultz - are looking like a couple of eccentric gunslingers - each embodying their own style in their attire.

Once Upon a Time in the Deep South.....

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