Sunday, 14 September 2014

The Ten Best Films of 2014

.....(so far!)

Looking over my own Top 14 last month, and with a greater distance of hindsight and reflection, I have updated my list, this time compacting it to a punchier Top Ten, with added releases viewed since the last article was written. 

As per usual, I've changed my mind about a couple of films this year, so should be a bit more honest this time around, after time to think about a few of them. American Hustle for example, was actually quite boring and not particularly captivating - I switched it off a third of the way through on second viewing. Cold in July or Out of the Furnace however are just the kind of pulpy films I look back on with a greater fondness since viewing; I've always had a penchant for crooked cops and slow burn thrills. 

A Most Wanted Man 

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Cold in July 



Starred Up

Blue Ruin

Edge of Tomorrow

Out of the Furnace

The Rover

The Raid 2

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